The Artist &
The Masterpiece

The brush and canvas have become ubiquitous artefacts of contemporary culture. Ride Every Wave invites you to explore a new take on traditional art merging with the digital medium. As we embrace the world of NFT, we will break through the barriers between the two realms.
All New Arrival

Journey into the
creative expanse

The artwork, inspired by the natural elements, starts its journey through destruction. Celebrate the art of transformation as the artist reinvents her creation into something even more permanent.
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The Artist and The Masterpiece

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This is an art project that incorporates luxury and real-life performances into digital. The project transforms painting into a brand new experience using the car as the canvas. The goal is to convey the emotions and energy as if you are driving a supercar, then capture every moment into a digital and physical token.

The idea behind this project crosses boundaries between cultures, disciplines, and techniques – bringing new meaning to old mediums. Ride Every Wave will release a limited collection of 7 exclusive NFTs for purchase.

There is a lot of freedom and progress in the digital world for artists. However, it also lacks the physical aspect of traditional art. By taking ownership of this NFT masterpiece, you will also receive a mystery prototype artwork.

Ride Every Wave will only be listed on OpenSea.

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