Phase 1: The Beginning

The Creation
The physical art piece took over 200 hours of detailed work to complete and is diligently hand-painted onto the bodywork of a white sports car. Karwai Chan’s creative drive produced a remarkable piece that shows royalty from a distant land. Ride Every Wave was created in an effort to represent a sense of movement, fearlessness, and beauty even within miles away.

The Destruction
Tearing the painting apart from the car is essential as it is a nerve-racking experience for KarWai. Imagine 200 hours of labour and energy put into an artwork, only for it to be torn out in a matter of minutes. The entire ordeal is captured in video. What has ended, however, released a new beginning. A rebirth of the artwork, transforming into a new creative endeavour namely the digital world, the NFT.

Phase 2: The Transformation

Reborn as NFT
The innovative idea of NFT allows KarWai to recreate the Ride Every Wave artworks and give collectors a chance to own the art piece in a digital format along with complete exclusivity and authenticity. Countless hours and efforts are poured in by KarWai to curate the creation of this exclusive RIDE EVERY WAVE NFT Collection. KarWai pays special attention to detail to ensure the NFT is of the highest digital quality ever.

Website & Physical Artworks Prototyping
A team of developers created a website to provide the full content of the entire Ride Every Wave concept. There is information on the artist, collection, media, roadmap, FAQ and platforms to connect directly to the artist. At the same time, KarWai is also conceptualising the Physical Artworks Prototype that can amazingly showcase the NFT Masterpiece. Her idea is to provide every buyer of the NFT Collection with a mysterious NFT physical artwork that will astound and surprise the buyers!

Phase 3: The Ride

Social Media & Marketing
Karwai Chan intends to connect with artists, art collectors, and enthusiasts alike as well as creating a tight and dedicated community to support Ride Every Wave. We will announce all the news of the NFT launch via our official Twitter and Instagram. A special unveiling of the NFT collection will be held at Art Gala event happening in April as per below:

Art Gala Exhibition:
Venue: Level 3A, GMBB
No. 2, Jalan Robertson
50150 Kuala Lumpur.
(Opposite Tung Shin Hospital)

Exhibition Hours:
8th – 9th April (11:30AM – 8:00PM)
10th April (11:30AM – 7:00PM)

Phase 4: The Tidal Wave

NFT Launch & Auction Date: 15th May 2022
A tidal wave is coming sooner than you thought. THIS is the moment you were waiting for! Be prepared to witness and bid on the very limited 7 pieces of Ride Every Wave NFT Collection. Each piece is a 1 of 1 Masterpiece Edition. Every NFT Masterpiece will come with a physical token conceptualised by KarWai. This amazing piece of physical token is the first of its kind in the world.